Living Overseas

Moving and living abroad is a huge undertaking in itself.

With so many things to think about, the last thing on your mind is converting currency and moving money from country to country.

At Currency Wire we specialise in handling this for you, so whether it be property payments, school fee's or funds for everyday living, we will ensure your life abroad is that much smoother when it comes to converting your money. 

Private Account

Life is busy enough without the aggravation of having to convert and keep on top of incoming and outgoing currency payments.

As well as this, the last thing you need are the unacceptable transfer rates and inefficiencies offered by the banks and many exchange brokers.

At Currency Wire we recognize the care required when dealing with our client's personal funds.

We will hold your money in segregated client accounts to ensure it is safe at all times, offer highly competitive exchange rates and then personally make the payment to the desired destination on your behalf, taking away any hassle and concerns.